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The Copenhagen Metro boasts 39 stations, with 25 located underground and 14 above ground. These stations are spread across four lines: M1 (green), M2 (yellow), ring M3 (red), and M4 (blue). Covering a distance of 36 km, the metro network efficiently connects various parts of the city. With a daily ridership exceeding 160,000 passengers, the metro is a popular choice for both residents and visitors. Trains operate automatically, eliminating the need for manual control by drivers. Copenhagen proudly offers Europe's first 24-hour metro service, ensuring continuous connectivity. During peak hours (07:00–10:00 and 15:00–18:00), expect trains every 2 to 4 minutes, while off-peak hours see intervals of 3 to 6 minutes. Nighttime travelers can rely on train availability every 15 to 30 minutes from midnight to 5 am.


The Copenhagen metro operates on a zone-based fare system consisting of 4 zones. A standard ticket covers travel via metro, bus, and train within a one-hour timeframe and encompasses two zones: the departure zone and the adjacent zone. The cost of this basic ticket amounts to 24 Danish kroner.
For a more extensive travel experience, the CityPass offers a compelling option. It provides access to all 4 zones and comes in various durations: DKK 80 for 1 day, DKK 150 for two days, DKK 200 for 3 days, DKK 250 for 4 days, and DKK 300 for 5 days. This pass offers unlimited travel within zones 1, 2, 3, and 4, encompassing movement across the city center, as well as to and from the airport.
Young travelers receive special benefits: children under 12 can enjoy Copenhagen's public transport services at no cost, while teenagers under 16 receive a 50% discount on fares.
If you're traveling from the airport via metro, a 3-zone ticket is necessary, available for DKK 30.


All types of tickets and subscriptions can be purchased at metro ticket offices or specialized vending machines located at each station. In addition, tickets can be purchased in a specialized DOT application by installing it on your phone and registering in the system. It's essential to have a valid ticket during your journey. Traveling without a valid ticket incurs a fine of DKK 750.