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Lille Metro consists of two lines – Ligne 1 (yellow) and Ligne 2 (red), accounting for 62 stations. 44 stations work to serve customers. Total lines length amounts to 45 km. Hours of service: 5:00 a.m. till 12:00 a.m. It is possible to transfer to tram or bus at some stations.


A single ticket costs 1,80 EUR. A ticket is valid for all kinds of public transport. Moreover, you can buy a ticket for passing 3 stations, costing 1,15 EUR, for 10 travels – 15,40 EUR, for unlimited travel after 7 p. m. – 2,45 EUR. There are also special offers: a ticket for unlimited travel for 1 day – 5,30 EUR, for 7 days – 18,10 EUR, for one month – 62 EUR.


Tickets and cards are available in automatic ticketing machines at metro stations, at tram stops, information kiosks and from bus drivers on board. It should be validated by a special machine, putting a stamp with date, time and place of validation, and kept till the end of a travel. Controllers work on the lines.