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The Minsk metro consists of three lines - Moskovskaya (blue), Avtozavodskaya (red), Zelenaluzhskaya (green), which connect the central part of the city with residential areas. The total length of Minsk metro lines is 40.8 km with 33 stations open for passengers. Minsk subway operating hours are from 5:30 to 0:40.


The fare in the Minsk metro is 0.80 BYN. A one-time ticket is made in the form of a plastic token. There are travel tickets for 10 trips at a price of 6.60 BYN, for 20 trips - 14.88 BYN, 30 trips - 21.84 and so on. You can buy travel tickets without limiting the number of trips for 3 days - 11.78 BYN, for 5 days - 15.00 BYN, 10 days - 24.87 BYN, 20 days - 48.15 BYN, 30 days - 70, 50 BYN.


Tokens and tickets can be purchased at ticket offices and vending machines located at each Minsk metro station. Passengers pass to the station through turnstiles. The token must be put into a turnstile machine, and the contactless card must be attached to a card reader for validation.