The subway system in Moscow consists of 228 stations and 14 subway lines. Each line has its own number, color and name: 1 – Sokolnicheskaya (red), 2 – Zamoskvoretskaya (green), 3 – Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (blue), 4 – Filyovskaya (light-blue), 5 – Koltsevaya (brown), 6 – Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya (orange), 7 – Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya (violet), 8 – Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya (yellow), 9 – Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya (gray), 10 – Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya (light-green), 11 –
Bolshaya Koltsevaya (turquoise), 11А – Kakhovskaya (turquoise) and 12 – Butovskaya (cornflower blue), 14 – Moscow Central Circle (pink). Overall length of the subway system totals to 381,5 km. Working hours: 5 AM – 1 AM. Many stations feature transfers to the monorail or surface means of public transportation.


Fixed-rate tickets for one trip cost 55 RUB. They are valid for all means of public transport. A transfer requires to buy a new ticket. There are multi-use tickets: 2 rides – 110 RUB, 20 rides – 720 RUB, 40 rides – 1440 RUB, 60 rides – 1700 RUB. Additionally, there are multi-passes with unlimited use: 1 day – 210 RUB, 3 days – 400 RUB, 7 days – 800 RUB, 30 days – 2000 RUB, 90 days – 5000 RUB, 365 days – 18,200 RUB.
Moreover, there is "90 minutes" pass featuring unlimited transfers and trips for 90 minutes. Cumulative Troika Travel Cards that could be charged with 3000 RUB could be used to cut travel expenses. It costs 80 RUB to get one: 30 RUB are credited to the account and 50 RUB are refunded when the card is returned. Troika sets up the following fares: 35 RUB per one subway trip, 35 RUB for one ride in above-ground transit system and 54 RUB for "90 minutes".


The tickets are sold at ticket offices of Mosgortrans (major travel operator in Moscow and Moscow Region) and at subway stations, as well as at TVMs. The cumulative Troika card is sold only at ticket offices of Mosgortrans and at subway stations. It could be charged at ticket offices, TVMs and some payment kiosks. Most TVMs accept coins and notes. The newest ones also accept cards. Passing through the faregate you have tap the ticket to a yellow circle found on the lower part of the gate.