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The Oslo Metro consists of six route lines connecting the historical part of the city with the remote districts. They are number and colour-coded: 1 (purple), 2 (sky blue), 3 (yellow), 4 (blue), 5 (orange), 6 (green). In the central part of the city there is a so called Common Tunnel where all six routes cross. There are 100 metro stations with total lines length of 85 km. Working hours: from 5.30 a.m. till 0.30 a.m.


The cost of a single ticket is NOK 36. It is valid for all means of transport for an hour. A 24-hour ticket costs NOK 108 , a 7-day ticket costs NOK 285. The cost of tickets for children up to 15 is twice lower.


Tickets can be purchased from ticket office machines at stations. Stations are entered through ticket barriers.