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The Baku Metro consists of 4 lines and each line has its own serial number and color designation: 1 (red), 2 (green), 3 (purple), 4 (light green). The total length of the Baku metro network is 36.7 km with 25 metro stations open for passengers. The working hours of the Baku metro is from 6:00 till 0:00.


The fare in the Baku metro is 0.40 AZN. Payment is made using a rechargeable BakiKart transport card which costs 2 AZN.


BakiKart cards can be purchased at ticket machines located at metro stations and bus stops. The machines accept coins and banknotes up to 100 AZN and do not give change.
To enter the station, the card must be applied to the reader on the turnstile - if the balance is positive, the turnstile will light up a green signal and display the remaining amount on the account. If there are not enough funds on the card, a red signal will light up and the turnstile will not let you through.