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The Madrid Subway covers 289 stations split into 16 lines: 13 subway and 3 light ones. Every line has got its own color and number: 1 (cyan), 2 (red), 3 (yellow), 4 (brown), 5 (light-green), 6 (gray), 7 (orange), 8 (pink), 9 (violet), 10 (dark-blue), 11 (green), 12 (gold), R (light-blue), ML1(blue), ML2 (magenta) and ML3 (coral). Overall length totals to 293 km. Working hours: 6 AM – 1.30 AM.


The fare depends on the "functional" zone. Tickets are valid for subway and some bus rides only. It will cost you about 1,5 – 2 EUR depending on the length of the ride. When crossing zone boundaries, one has to buy a new ticket for the zone being entered. There is also a "combined" ticket that costs 3 EUR and provides for a single trip between any two points of the network except the Airport stations, which have an additional supplement of 6 EUR. A 10-trip ticket will cost you 12,20 EUR and a universal one hits 18,30 EUR. There are tourist travel passes: 1-day – 8,40 EUR; 2-day – 14,20 EUR; 3-day – 18,40 EUR; 5-day – 26,80 EUR and a weekly one costs 35,40 EUR. We advise to buy a monthly travel pass if you plan to stay for a while. Its price starts with 54,60 EUR and varies from zone to zone.


Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices or TVMs. They accept credit cards, coins and rarely cash. To buy a tourist pass (1 day to 1 week) you will have to show your passport or ID. Passing through the turnstile you have to insert the pass into it, then take it back on the other side with a pass-used mark on it. Keep the ticket throughout the ride.