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The Busan Subway features 4 subway lines, suburban railway line and the Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit line. There are 149 subway stations. Each line is numbered and colored: Line 1 (orange), Line 2 (green), Line 3 (brown), Line 4 (light-blue), Line BGL (violet), Line Donghae (blue). Overall length totals to 160,4 km. Working hours: 5 AM – Midnight.


A single ride fare is 1400 KRW for a destination within less than 10 km and 1600 KRW for any other destinations. The tickets are valid for all means of public transportation. However, the transfer costs 200 – 700 KRW. Alternatively, you may use cumulative T-money card that features the following discounts: 1300 KRW for destinations within less than 10 km and 1500 KRW for any other destinations. The price of the transfer is somewhat reduced as well. Besides, there are travel passes featuring the following prices: daily – 5000 KRW; weekly (20 rides) – 22,000 KRW and monthly (60 rides) – 60,000 KRW.


Tickets and cards are sold at TVMs on subway, bus, etc. stations. They accept coins, notes and cards. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the ticket into it, then take it back on the other side and keep throughout the ride. Leaving the station you have to insert it into the reader again. Using a card, just swipe it over the scanner. Be advised, you have to do this twice, while entering and leaving the subway station. All types of passes can be loaded at automatic charge machines (ACM) found near every faregate. They feature instructions in both English and Korean, and allow you to call a subway staff member to give you a helping hand.