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The Lisbon Metro consists of four lines connecting the central part of the city with residential districts and the airport. On the maps they are coded with yellow, sky blue, red and green. There are 55 metro stations with total lines length of 45,5 km. The metro runs daily, from 6.30 a.m. till 1 a.m.


The cost of a single ticket makes € 1.65 and does not depend on the distance and number of interchanges. There is a 24-hour transit pass which costs € 6.60. Moreover, rechargeable contactless cards which cost € 0.50 can be purchased. In this case a journey will cost € 1.47.


Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices or ticket machines installed at the entrance to the station. The platform is entered through the ticket barrier which the ticket shall be tapped onto. The same is done at the exit, so keep the ticket until the end of the journey. You can also pay for your ride at the fare gates using a bank card.