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The Rome Metro consists of 3 lines that are letter- and colour-coded: A (orange), B (blue) and C (green). Line B is subdivided into two metro sections: B (Rebibbia – Laurentina) and B1 (Conca d’Oro – Laurentina) The Rome Metro has 73 stations with total lines length of 60 km. Working hours: from 5.30 a.m. till 11.30 p.m., and till 0.30 a.m. on Saturdays.


The cost of a journey by metro is € 1.50; the ticket is valid for 100 minutes from the moment of activation and can be used in other means of transport. There is also a ticket for 24 hours at the cost of € 7.00, for 48 hours - € 12.50 and for 72 hours - € 18.00. Besides, the BIG transit card allows unlimited use of any means of transport during the day and expires at midnight. There are BIT (€ 16.50) and CIS (€ 24.00) cards for 3 and 7 days respectively, and they also expire at midnight. The card for a month costs € 35.00.


Tickets can be purchased from tickets offices and special ticket machines installed at the metro stations and public transport stops. You can pay in cash and with a bank card. You should keep the ticket until the end of the journey.