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The subway in Santiago consists of 118 stations and 6 subway lines. Each line has its own number and color code: 1 (red), 2 (orange), 4 (blue), 4A (light blue), 5 (green) and 6 (purple). The length of the subway system makes 118 km (app. 73 miles). Working hours: 5.30 AM – 11.30 PM. The subway operates from 6.30 AM till 11.30 on Saturday. It works from 8 AM until 11.30 PM on Sunday and on holidays.


The fare depends on the time of the day and ranges from 670 CLP (before 6.30 AM and past 8.45 PM) and up to 800 CLP during the rush hours (7–9 AM and 6–8 PM). Other than that, the fare for one ride makes 720 CLP. The ticket is valid for two hours and can be used in any means of public transport. It also offers two free changes. The contactless Bip card can be used to pay for the rides as well. It costs 1550 CLP.


The tickets and cards can be purchased and recharged at ticket desks and TVMs. Note that the TVMs accept cash but rarely accept credit cards. The card can be recharged at the ticket desk or the TVM, or you can do this on-line. Please note that you have to debit at least 1000 CLP to the card. Passing through the faregate, swipe your card over the reader and keep in throughout the ride. Your ticket may be verified by ticket inspectors.