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The Sao Paulo Metro features five lines, designated by number and color: Line 1 (blue), Line 2 (green), Line 3 (red), Line 4 (yellow) and Line 5 (lilac). The stations are located both in downtown and remote city’s districts. The Line 5 isn’t connected to the network yet. Working hours: from 4.40 a.m. till midnight (Sunday – Friday), and till 1 a.m. on Saturdays.


There is a Single Ticket (Bilhete Único), which let to make one trip by metro (with necessary amount of transfers) and three trips by bus within three hours. It costs R$ 4.30. There are several additional variants that help to save money. For example, rechargeable Leisure Card – the card itself costs R$ 2.00 one trip costs R$ 3.74-3.53.

Prodej vstupenek

The tickets are purchased in ticket vending machines (one can charge its Smart card there too), and in ticket offices. There are turnstiles at the entrance to the train platforms.