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The Sao Paulo Metro features five lines, designated by number and color: Line 1 (blue), Line 2 (green), Line 3 (red), Line 4 (yellow) and Line 5 (lilac). The stations are located both in downtown and remote city’s districts. The Line 5 isn’t connected to the network yet. Working hours: from 4.40 a.m. till midnight (Sunday – Friday), and till 1 a.m. on Saturdays.


There is a Single Ticket (Bilhete Único), which let to make one trip by metro (with necessary amount of transfers) and three trips by bus within three hours. It costs R$ 4.30. There are several additional variants that help to save money. For example, rechargeable Leisure Card – the card itself costs R$ 2.00 one trip costs R$ 3.74-3.53.


The tickets are purchased in ticket vending machines (one can charge its Smart card there too), and in ticket offices. There are turnstiles at the entrance to the train platforms.