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The metro system in Delhi consists of 8 lines. All of them have their own names: Red Line (red), Yellow Line (yellow), Blue Line (blue), Green Line (green), Violet Line (violet), Magenta Line (magenta), Pink Line (pink) and Airport Metro Express (orange). Additionally, the Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon (light-blue) is part of the city metro system. There are 146 subway stations with total lines length of 192,8 km. Working hours: from 5 a.m. till 11.30 p.m. Please note that Airport Metro Express opens at 4.45 a.m.


People have to buy a subway token, which price depends on the travel distance and ranges from 10 to 60 INR. The fare for the ride in the Airport Metro Express costs more. There is a rechargeable Travel Card which can be used to pay for subway services. It costs 100 INR. Additionally, there is a Tourist Card, which offers unlimited rides for a day and costs 200 INR. The 3-day pass costs 500 INR. Both types of cards are refundable and 50 INR are granted back.


The tokens and cards are sold at ticket offices, which are found at subway stations. The token can be used at the station of purchase and for a certain distance only. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the token into the reader or swipe the card over it. Please, keep it throughout the ride as it has to be validated at the end of the trip. Leaving the station, swipe it again or put the token into the reader. In case the covered distance exceeds the programmed one, the farefate will not let you out. You will have to pay the difference to the ticket collector. In case the token is lost, you have to pay the maximum fare in cash.