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The subway in Porto consists of 6 lines, each having its letter and color code: А (blue), B (red), C (green), D (yellow), E (purple) and F (orange). There are 82 subway stations in total. The length of the subway system totals to 70 km (app. 44 miles). Working hours: 6 AM – 1 AM.


The fare depends on the number of the travel zones you cross and ranges from 1.20 to 5.20 EUR. The Andante Azul smart-card, which serves as the subway ticket, can be used in any means of public transport. You will be charged 0.60 EUR for it. The card won't expire and can be easily recharged. To save money, you can purchase 11 rides for 12–52.00 EUR. Alternatively, there is a 24-hour pass costing between 4.15 and 18.00 EUR. The price depends on the number of the travel zones you pass on the way. The Andante Tour tickets with unlimited rides for 24–72 hours are designed for tourists. These tickets cost 7–15 EUR. The Andante Gold card allows you to purchase a monthly travel pass. Its price ranges between 31.15 and 127.10 EUR. The card itself costs 6 EUR.


The tickets can be purchased at TVMs, Andante stores and tourists offices in the city. Cash and credit cards are good to go. Unless you have the Andante Azul card, you need to get the card at the TVM and then choose how many rides you need. If you have one, you can recharge it by inserting the card into a special reader on the TVM. There are no faregates in Porto's subway. Make sure that you have your ticket validated at the entrance. Otherwise, you will face a fine. Please note that your ticket may be verified by ticket inspectors in any means of public transport.