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Amsterdam Metro Lines

The Amsterdam Metro consists of 52 stations within five underground and elevated lines: Ringlijn 50 (green), Amstelveenlijn 51 (orange), 52 Noord/Zuidlijn (blue), Gaasperplaslijn 53 (red) and Geinlijn 54 (yellow). Be attentive when interchanging as there may be up to four lines at the same station. Always pay attention to the terminal station and number of the line you need. Stick to the same rule when choosing the platform: they are separated by rails at the Amsterdam Metro stations. Total lines length amounts to 42,5 km. Working hours: from 6 a.m. till midnight.

Amsterdam Metro Tickets

The cost of a journey in the Amsterdam Metro is € 3.40. A ticket in the form of a card is valid for one hour from the moment of activation at the ticket barrier and can be used not only in metro, but also in other public transport (trams and buses). Also, there are so called transit passes: Also, there are so called transit passes: for 24 hours – € 9.00, for 48 hours – € 15.00, for 72 hours – € 21.00, for 96 hours – € 26.50, for 120 hours – € 33.00, for 144 hours – € 37.50, for 168 hours – € 41.00. Additionally, people can use a rechargeable card OV-chipkaart in metro, as well as in other means of public transport. The cost of this card is € 0.50 EUR.

How to pay in Amsterdam Metro

Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines located at the stations. Do not throw the ticket away until the end of the journey; you may need it when exiting the station. Cards are sold at special ticket stands that are located at the stations. They can be purchased in stores throughout the city as well. Please note that locations of the ticket stands can be checked at the official website of the Amsterdam Metro.