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The Cairo Metro consists of three lines, on which 74 stations operate to serve passengers. Each line has its own serial number and color designation: 1 (blue), 2 (red), 3 (green). The length of the Cairo metro network is 89.4 km. Cairo metro working hours: from 5:00 to 0:00.


The ticket price in the Cairo metro depends on the number of stations passed. A trip along the route from 2 to 8 stations will cost 3 EGP, from 9 to 15 stations - 5 EGP, over 16 stations - 7 EGP. The Cairo metro ticket is made in the form of a disposable yellow paper card with a magnetic stripe. Fare can be paid using a rechargeable smart card with a capacity of up to 100 EGP. The cost of a smart card is 10 EGP.


Cairo metro tickets and smart cards can be purchased at ticket offices and ticket machines. Coins and small bills are accepted for payment. When buying a ticket at the ticket office of the Cairo metro, it is better to prepare the required amount in advance, otherwise the cashier will most likely give you change in tickets.
Entrance to the station and exit from the Cairo metro is carried out through turnstiles. The ticket must be kept until the end of the trip because you may be asked to present it at the exit. Otherwise, you will have to pay a tenfold fine.