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The Hamburg U-Bahn consists of four lines, U1 (blue), U2 (red), U3 (yellow) and U4 (turquois) which are laid on the surface, elevated structures and underground and comprises 91 stations. Working hours: Sunday to Thursday – from 4:00 a.m. till 1:00 a.m., on Friday and Saturday – around the clock. The headway is usually 5 to 10 minutes, at night – 20 minutes.


The Hamburg U-Bahn stations are located in several zones with the varying cost of a journey. For example, a single ticket costs from € 1.70 to € 3.30 depending on the distance. There is also a day ticket (valid from the moment of activation till 6:00 a.m. of the following day) which allows an unlimited number of journeys within the given period of time and costs € 7.80. Besides, there are week passes for 1 zone costing € 13.70 and for 2 zones at the cost of € 17.90. The monthly one for 1 zone makes € 52.20 and for 2 zones it costs € 68.20.


Tickets and cards can be purchased at ticket machines and desks that are found at the stations. You can buy them in busses as well. Please note that you have to activate the ticket in a special validator in order to enter the station. There are no ticket barriers in the Hamburg Metro, so inspectors check tickets actively. Take in into account that train doors do not open automatically. You have to press the button or pull the handle on the door in order to open it.