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The Nagoya Municipal Subway consists of 83 stations and 6 subway lines. Each line has its own name, color and letter symbol: H – Higashiyama Line (yellow), M – Meijō Line (purple), E – Meikō Line (white-purple), T – Tsurumai Line (light blue), S – Sakura-dōri Line (red) and K – Kamiiida Line (pink). Overall length totals to 89,1 km. Working hours: 5 AM – Midnight.


The fare depends on the tariff sections. The whole network is subdivided into five tariff sections. Section 1 ticket will cost you 200 JPY, Section 2 – 240 JPY, Section 3 – 270 JPY, Section 4 – 300 JPY and Section 5 – 330 JPY. Child ticket costs half the price of the adult one. Moreover, there are daily (740 JPY) and holiday (600 JPY) tickets. The payment system also features a contactless Macana card that offers discounts and various bonuses.


Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines found on every station. They accept cash and credit cards. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the ticket into it, then take it back on the other side and keep throughout the ride. Leaving the terminus you have to insert the ticket into the reader again. One-ride ticket will be discarded and the daily one will be returned to you. Using a card just swipe it over the scanner on the faregate and you are free to go.