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The Prague Metro has three lines, each represented by its own colour on the maps and signs: Line A (green), Line B (yellow) and Line C (red). There are 57 stations in total (three of which are transfer stations) connected by nearly 60 kilometres of mostly underground railways. The metro service operates from 5 am until midnight, with about two- to three-minute intervals between trains during rush hours. 


Short-term (up to three days) and longer-term (from a month to a year) tickets are used to pay for journeys. Metro tickets may also be used for journeys by tram and bus. Their price is the following: CZK 30 – 30 minutes, CZK 40 – 90 minutes, CZK 120 – 1 day, CZK 330 – 3 days. Fares for children from 6 to 15 are twice lower.


Tickets are sold almost everywhere, and ticket machines are installed next to each metro station entrance. Tickets can also be purchased from booths at the stations. The ticket has to be stamped at the yellow validator located at the metro station entrance. The ticket is deemed to be valid from the moment of being stamped.