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The subway system in Washington, D.C. includes six underground transit lines. Each has its own name and color: Red Line (red), Blue Line (light blue), Orange Line (orange), Yellow Line (yellow), Green Line (green) and Silver Line (silver). There are 91 subway stations. Overall length of the subway system totals to 189,6 km. Working hours: 5 AM – Midnight. Weekends: 7 AM – 3 PM.


The fare depends on the length and time of the ride. A ticket costs 2 – 6 USD. One-time paper ticket will additionally cost 1 USD. It is more convenient to use contactless cumulative Smart Trip cards that are valid for all means of public transportation. It costs 10 USD and eight of them are credited to the account. The card features discounts for bus transfers. In addition, there are travel passes that cost 14,50 USD (daily pass), 59,25 USD (weekly one) and 237 USD (28 days).


Tickets and Smart Trip cards may be purchased at TVMs dotted on every station. TVMs accept credit cards and notes with the nominal value of 10 USD or less. There are a few types of TVMs but only some of them accept cards. The change is given in 0,25 USD coins.
Passing through the faregate you have to insert the ticket into it and take it back. Leaving the terminus you have to insert the ticket into the reader and grab it back again. Using a card you have to tag it to the scanner on the gate and repeat this procedure at the terminus. Please note, that the fare is debited at the end of the ride. Therefore, if there are insufficient funds on your account, the faregate will be closed. In this case you will have to recharge the card at a nearest TVM.