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The subway network of Chicago features eight lines, each having its own name and color: Red Line (red), Blue Line (light blue), Brown Line (brown), Green Line (green), Orange Line (orange), Purple Line (purple), Pink Line (pink) and Yellow Line (yellow). There are 145 subway stations. Overall length totals to 170,8 km of tracks. Working hours: 4 AM - 1 AM. Trains on Red and Blue lines operate 24/7.


One-ride ticket costs 2,50 USD. It is valid for two hours and may be used for any means of public transportation. However, the transfer to other lines or public transport means requires a transfer pass that costs 0,25 USD and is valid for two hours as well. The payment system includes several options of payment, including contactless smart cards Ventra or reloadable magnetic Transit Cards. The magnetic card is gratis and the contactless one costs 5,00 USD. Besides, there are travel passes featuring the following prices: daily – 10,00 USD; 3-day – 20,00 USD; weekly – 28,00 USD and monthly – 100,00 USD.


Tickets are sold at ticket offices or TVMs. Transit Cards can be purchased at TMVs using cash or credit cards. Ventra cards can be purchased at special TVMs and at more than 1000 shops dotted all over the city. You can get a travel pass at CTA Pass Vending Machines or buy it at a local shop. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the ticket into the reader or swipe the card over it.