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The Istanbul Subway features 6 lines and 88 subway stations. Each line has its own number and color: M1 (red), M2 (green), M3 (blue), M4 (pink), M5 (violet), M6 (brown). The Marmaray tunnel (Bosporus undersea railway tunnel) connects the Asian and European subway lines. Overall length of the subway system totals to 90,5 km. Working hours: 6 AM – 0.30 AM.


A one-ride journey (ticket or token) in any means of public transport will cost you 7 TRY. Alternatively, you may get a reloadable Istambulkart that is valid for any means of public transportation. This allows to cut the fare costs almost in half, to 2,60 TRY per one ride. The card costs 6 TRY. It is refundable if you return the card back but its balance will be reset to zero. You have to get a transfer ticket to change to other means of transportation. The price of the transfer ticket equals the one of the regular ticket.


Tokens can be bought at TVMs found on any station. They accept both coins and notes. Istambulkart can be purchased at TVMs found on some stations or at shop stands in the city. You may load your card at card shops or special vending machines that are found on every station. Please note, that they only accept notes. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the token into the reader or tag the card to it.