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The subway in the City of Angels consists of eight lines. There are two traditional subway lines, four light rail lines, and two more metrobus lines. Each line has its own name and color code: Blue Line (blue), Expo Line (light blue), Gold Line (gold), Green Line (green), Purple Line (purple), Red Line (red), Orange Line (orange) and Silver Line (silver). There are 103 subway stations in total. The length of the subway system makes 141.3 km (app. 87 miles). Working hours: 5 AM – midnight, Monday through Thursday, and at the weekend. The subway operates from 5 AM until 2 AM on Friday. The trains depart every 5–20 minutes.


The fare for a subway ride in Los Angeles makes 1.75 USD. A multi-use magnet TAP card, which serves as the subway ticket, can be used in any means on public transport. The card itself costs 1 USD. You can recharge it at TVMs. A bus transfer will cost you extra 0.50 USD within 2 hours of the subway ticket purchase. There is no need to buy a new ticket if you hop onto the subway train after the bus ride. Express buses cruise between the terminal points of the Silver Line. The ticket costs 2.50 USD. The subway offers daily (7 USD), weekly (25 USD) and monthly (100 USD) travel passes.


The TAP cards can be purchased and recharged at TVMs and at ticket desks that are found on several underground stations. The TVMs accept cash and credit cards. Passing through the faregate, have you ticket scanned by the round ticket reader. Many stations feature ticket validating machines instead of the faregates. You have to validate your card before using the subway. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid, and you will face a fine. Please note that your ticket may be verified by ticket inspectors that operate at the stations and in trains.