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The Naples Subway includes six transit lines: three subway and three suburban railway ones. Each line is numbered and colored: 1 (yellow), 2 (blue), 3 (magenta), 4 (red), 5 (green) and 6 (cyan). The network comprises of 50 stations. Overall length totals to 62 km. Working hours: 6 AM – 11 PM.


The cost of a journey amounts to € 1.20. You may purchase a ticket for € 1.70 and enjoy free rides for 90 minutes in any means of public transport. The daily ticket is sold for € 4.20, weekend and holiday ones - € 3.10. Weekly pass costs € 12.50 and the monthly one - € 35.00. You may also get a special Campania-artecard pass for € 21 and enjoy free rides for three days. Moreover, it provides 50% discount for those visiting major sights of the city.


Travel cards may be bought at a ticket office or TVMs. You may usually find them at station entrances and bus stops. You may as well get a travel pass at a tobacco shop (Tabacchi). Insert a one-ride ticket into the turnstile or swipe a multi-pass over the scanner to get you ride.