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The subway system in Beijing consists of 370 stations and 22 subway lines. Each line has its own name, number and color: 1 (dark-red), 2 (dark-blue), 4 (turquoise), 5 (burgundy), 6 (golden), 7 (vanilla), 8 (green), 9 (lime), 10 (blue), 13 (yellow), 14 (coral), 15 (violet), 16 (light-green), Batong (red), Changping (pink), Daxing (turquoise), Fangshan (orange), Yanfang (orange), Yizhuang (purple), Xijiao (red), S1 (brown) and Airport (lilac). Overall length totals to 552 km. Working hours: from 5 a.m. till midnight. Please note that Airport Express opens at 6 a.m.


The subway uses a distance-based fare system where prices range from 3 to 10 CNY per one ride. The ticket is valid for one day and for subway rides only. Moreover, it could be used only at the station it was sold at. There is a special ticket needed to get to the airport. It costs 25 CNY. There are contactless cumulative Yikatong cards that could be charged up to 500 CNY. The card could be purchased for 20 CNY. It is refundable and 10 CNY are granted back.


Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices or TVMs. They are sold for cash (please note, that TVMs do not accept 1 CNY notes). Credit cards are widely accepted. Passing through the faregate you have to swipe Yikatong card over the reader and keep it throughout the ride. Leaving the station, insert the one-ride ticket into the reader or swipe the card over it for the funds to get debited from your account.