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The Muni Metro in San Francisco consists of six light rail lines, each having its own name, letter code and color: J – Church (orange), K – Ingleside (light blue), L – Taraval (purple), M – Ocean View (green), N – Judah (blue) and T – Third Street (red). The lines utilize the same tunnel in the downtown of the city. There are 118 stations in total. The length of the system makes 59.2 km (app. 37 miles). Working hours: 5 AM – 1 AM. The Muni Metro operates from 7 AM till 1 AM on Saturday, and from 8 AM till 1 AM on Sunday. The N Judah and L Taraval lines operate 24/7. The trains depart every 6–20 minutes.


The fare for a Muni Metro ride in San Francisco makes 2.75 USD. The ticket (a paper card) is valid for 90 minutes and can be used in any means of public transport. To save time and money, you can use the contactless Clipper smart-card. The fare makes 2.50 USD in this case. The card is issued free of charge. The daily travel pass costs 21 USD. The 3-day one is sold for 32 USD. You have to spend 42 USD for the weekly pass while the monthly one costs 75 USD. The CityPASS card is designed for tourists. It is valid for 9 days and offers unlimited rides in any means of public transport. Besides, it offers various discounts and allows to visit many tourist magnets for free.


The smart-cards and one-time tickets can be purchased and recharged at TVMs found at the stations and in local offices of the public transportation company. The TVMs accept cash (up to 20 USD notes) and credit cards. The CityPASS cards are sold at authorized stores or on the company's website. Passing through the faregate at the station or entering the above-ground train, swipe the ticket or the card over the reader to have it activated. If you change trains, this procedure must be repeated throughout your journey. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid, and you will face a fine.