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The rapid transit system in Shanghai includes 14 lines that have their own names and colors: 1 (red), 2 (light-green), 3 (yellow), 4 (purple), 5 (violet), 6 (magenta), 7 (orange), 8 (blue), 9 (light-blue), 10 (lilac), 11 (brown), 12 (green), 13 (pink) and 16 (turquoise). There are 337 subway stations. Overall length totals to 548 km. Working hours: 5 AM – 11.30 PM.


The subway uses a distance-based fare system which ranges from 3 to 14 CNY per one trip. The ticket is valid for 3 hours and could be used throughout the day for subway rides only. In order to get to the airport you have to buy a special ticket for Maglev Train. It costs 50 CNY (two-way ticket costs 80 CNY). Besides, there are travel passes featuring the following prices: daily pass – 16 CNY and 3-day pass – 45 CNY. Please note that they could be used only for Maglev Line. However, contactless cumulative Public Transportation Cards could be used for any means of public transportation. The cars is sold for 20 CNY. It is refundable. 20 CNY, as well as what's left on the account, are refunded.


Tickets and cards could be purchased at TVMs and at some stations. They accept coins and notes up to 50 CNY but do to accept credit cards. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the ticket into the reader or swipe the card over it and keep it till the trip is over. Leaving the station, swipe it again (for the funds to get debited) or put the ticket into the reader. In case the travel limit is exceeded, the faregate won't let you pass. However, the difference could be covered at ticket offices found near to the gate. The card could be recharged at the closest TVM.