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The Taipei Metro has 6 lines that cover the central and remote areas of the city, as well as some suburbs. Each line has its own name and color: Wenhu (brown), Tamsui-Xinyi (red), Songshan-Xindian (green), Zhonghe-Xinlu (orange), Bannan (blue) and Circular Line (yellow). Taoyuan Airport is connected to the city by a separate MRT line - Taoyuan Airport MRT. 131 stations operate to serve passengers. The total length of the Taipei metro network is 152 km. The Taipei subway working hours are from 6:00 to 0:00. The interval of trains on weekdays is 2-5 minutes and 5-12 minutes on weekends and in the evening.


The Taipei metro fare depends on distance and costs from 20 to 65 TWD. Traveling on the Taoyuan Airport MRT line will cost from 30 to 160 TWD. The fare can be paid by single-journey ticket issued in form of token and valid on the day of issue. In addition to the single-jorney ticket there are Taipei Metro passes valid for on day - 150 TWD, 24 hours - 180 TWD, 48 hours - 280 TWD, 72 hours - 380 TWD.
For the convenience of Taipei Metro passengers, fares can be paid using electronic contactless cards EasyCard, iPASS, icash, HappyCash. These electronic tickets can be topped up and are accepted both on public transports and for small payments in 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart chain stores. The cost of issuing a card is 100 TWD.
Toursists can get Taipei Fun Passes available for one day - 1200 TWD, 2 days -1600 TWD and 3 days - 1900 TWD. These cards can be used on Taipei Metro, bus services for unlimited travel and as entry tickets for city attractions.


Tokens and cards are sold at the metro station information counters and multi-payment ticketing machines at every station on the Taipei Metro. The ticketing machines accept coins, banknotes and bank cards. At the entrance to the Taipei MRT station, the card or token should be swiped to the turnstile reader and kept until the end of the trip. At the exit, the card must be again attached to the reader and the token must be inserted into a special hole in the turnstile. If the fare exceeds the cost of the ticket or the balance on the card, the turnstile will not open. The difference will need to be paid at the box office located next to the turnstiles, and the card can be topped up at the machine.