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The subway in Valencia consists of 137 stations utilizing 6 subway and 3 tram lines. Each line is numbered and colored: 1 (yellow), 2 (pink), 3 (red), 4 (blue), 5 (green), 6 (purple), 7 (orange), 8 (light blue) and 9 (brown). The subway includes 156.4 km (app. 96 miles) of routes. Working hours: 5.30 AM – 11 PM. Please note that it operates from 6 AM until 11.30 PM at the weekend and on holidays. The trains depart every 5–20 minutes.


The subway in Valencia consists of 4 travel zones, each having a different fare. The ticket costs between 1.50 and 3.90 EUR. You will be charged between 2.90 and 7.40 EUR for the two-way ticket, You can spend 1 more EUR to purchase the multi-use Mobilis card, which can be recharged at TVMs and ticket desks. If you want to save money, get the Bonometro card charged with 10 rides. It costs between 7.20 and 20.00 EUR depending on the travel zone. Alternatively, you can purchase the TuiN smart card. This card offers much lower fares (between 0.72 and 2 EUR). If you spend 41–72 EUR in the current month depending on the number of the travel zones you have crossed, you can enjoy free subway rides.
Please note that these tickets and cards are for subway rides only. You can also purchase a ticket that is valid for 1.5 hours and can be used in any means of public transport within the central A Zone. Its price makes 9 EUR. The monthly pass for subway, bus, tram and suburban train rides costs between 45 and 79.10 EUR. The Valencia Card is valid for 1–3 days and is designed for tourists. It allows to enjoy unlimited rides in public transport and offers discounts for visiting local tourist attractions, stores, restaurants and cafes. The card costs between 15 and 25 EUR.


The tickets can be purchased and recharged at TVMs and ticket desks at several stations. If there is an issue with the TVM, feel free to ask the subway employees for help. The TVMs accept cash and credit cards. Passing through the faregate, have you ticket scanned by the round ticket reader on your right. You can exit the subway though the faregate as well, and we advise to keep the ticket throughout the ride. Please note that your ticket may be verified by ticket inspectors.