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The Vienna U-Bahn consists of five number and colour-coded lines: U1 (red), U2 (purple), U3 (orange), U4 (green) and U6 (brown). Total lines length amounts to 78,5 km and has 104 metro stations. Working hours: from 5 a.m. till 1 a.m. Please note that the metro works all night on weekends and holidays, running every 15 minutes.


The ticket for a journey costs € 2.40. It can be used in all means of transport. You can also purchase a 5-journey ticket at the cost of € 12. A 24-hour pass (for all means of public transport) costs € 8, a 48-hour pass – € 14.10, a 72-hour pass – € 17.10, one week pass – € 17.10, one month pass – € 51. Additionally, there exists Vienna City Card, a card that serves as an unlimited travel pass in all means of public transport and offers discounts for those visiting all major sights in Vienna. 1-day Vienna City Card costs € 13.90, 2-day one – € 21.90, 3-day pass – € 24.90.


Tickets can be bought from ticket offices, ticket machines at stations and news stalls. They can also be purchased on the Internet. You have to activate the ticket in a special ticket validator and keep it until you leave the station. There are no ticket barriers in the Vienna U-Bahn and therefore the tickets are verified by ticket inspectors here.