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The Bangkok rapid transit system is represented by four metro systems: three elevated and one underground. The elevated metro or BTS (SkyTrain) consists of three lines covering the total distance of 38 km and 35 stations: 22 at the Sukhumbit Line, 12 at the Si Lom line and 6 at the Airport City Line. The underground part of Bangkok’s metro, MRT, consists of two line covering the distance of 45 km and 41 stations. All kinds of metro work from 06:00 a.m. till midnight.


The cost of a single journey in the Bangkok Metro depends on its distance and varies from THB 15 up to THB 59. Furthermore, each metro company has different tickets and fares. Therefore, a new ticket has to be purchased when you switch metro lines. You can also purchase unlimited travel cards with the expiry period of 1, 3, 15 and 30 days.


Journeys by elevated metro shall be paid for with cards which can be purchased at stations from the special ticket machines accepting coins only denomination 1, 5 and 10 baht. At each station there are booths where you can exchange banknotes for coins to be used in the ticket machine. You have to insert the card into the ticket barrier in order to enter the station. Then you will have to re-insert this card into the ticket barrier at the exit from the station, so do not lose it; otherwise, you will have to pay for the journey again in order to exit the station. In the underground metro entrance to and exit from the station is performed by means of tokens which are sold from ticket machines and booths installed at the stations. Keep the token until the end of your journey as it will have to be returned into the ticket barrier when exiting the station of your destination.