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The Munich U-Bahn consists of 96 stations and 6 main metro lines that have different number and colour codes: U1 (green), U2 (red), U3 (orange), U4 (turquoise), U5 (brown) and U6 (blue). There are two additional lines, U7 (red-green) and U8 (red-orange). The 1st one is up at the rush hour from Monday to Friday. The 2nd line works only on Saturdays. Total lines length amounts to 103,1 km. Working hours: from 4.15 a.m. till 1.30 a.m.


The metro ticket can be used in other means of transport, i.e. tram and bus. The single short-distance ticket (for two stops) costs € 1.40. A journey for a longer distance within one zone will cost € 2.80, within two zones – € 5.80. Besides, there are unlimited travel cards for 1 day (€ 6.70 and more) and 3 days (€ 16.80 or more). Tourists can purchase special QueerCityPass and CityTourCard that allow unlimited journeys in all means of public transport, as well as provide discounts for those visiting popular landmarks and partner organizations. The card for 1 day costs € 12.90, for 3 days – € 24.90 and for 4 days – € 26.90.


Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices and ticket machines installed at stations. There are no ticket barriers; tickets are activated in special machines and checked by inspectors. Almost all metro lines are situated within one zone, the inner circle, except for several U6 stations. There are different transit passes.