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Osaka Municipal Subway covers 123 stations split into eight lines and one automated light rail transit system. Each line has its own name, number and color: М – Midōsuji Line (red), T – Tanimachi Line (violet), Y – Yotsubashi Line (blue), C – Chūō Line (green), S – Sennichimae Line (pink), K – Sakaisuji Line (brown), N – Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line (light-green ), I – Imazatosuji Line (orange), P – Nankō Port Town Line (cyan). Overall length totals to 286,2 km. Working hours: 5 AM – 12 AM.


Osaka Municipal Subway fares for single rides depend on the distance traveled. Section 1 includes rides within 1-3 km from the downtown and Section 5 covers rides within 20-25 km from the city center. Section 1 ticket will cost you 180 JPY, Section 2 – 240 JPY, Section 3 – 280 JPY, Section 4 – 320 JPY and Section 5 – 370 JPY. You may use swipe cards (500 – 5000 JPY). In this case the fare is somewhat discounted. Moreover, there is a special One Day Eco Card that costs 800 JPY and grants you free daily travel pass and a discount for visits of major sights of Osaka.


Tickets and cards may be purchased at TVMs dotted on every station. They accept credit cards and cash. Passing through the turnstile you have to insert the pass into it, then take it back on the other side and keep throughout the ride. Leaving the terminus you have to insert the pass into the reader again. One-ride ticket will be discarded. Using a card just swipe it over the scanner on the turnstile and you are free to go.