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The subway system of Tokyo features 13 subway lines and 290 stations. There are two major rapid transit providers in the city. Each line has its own name, letter and color. Tokyo Metro lines include: H – Hibiya (silver), G – Ginza (orange), M – Marunouchi (red), T – Tōzai (sky-blue), C – Chiyoda (green), Y – Yūrakuchō (gold), Z – Hanzōmon (purple), N – Namboku (turquoise) and F – Fukutoshin (brown). Toei Subway features the following lines: A – Asakusa (pink), I – Mita (blue), S – Shinjuku (light green) and E – Ōedo (dark red). Overall length of the subway system totals to 310,3 km. Working hours: 5 AM – 1 AM.


The fare depends on the length of the ride and ranges from 170 to 310 JPY. Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway feature different tickets. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a new ticket to make a transfer. A special transfer ticket, allowing to change subway lines without wasting time, costs from 280 to 530 JPY. Besides, there are multi-ride tickets: 11-ride tickets for 1700-3100 JPY; daily tickets for 700 JPY and special daily tickets that are valid for both subway operators and cost 1000 JPY. In addition, there are travel passes: monthly – 17,300 JPY; 3 months – 49,310 JPY and 6 months – 93,420 JPY. There are contactless cumulative PASMO cards (could be charged with 20,000 JPY) that could be used in any means of public transportation. The card costs 1500 JPY. One thousand JPY is credited to the card and 500 JPY make a deposit. In case you want a refund, you will receive 290 JPY of the deposit.


Tickets and cards may be purchased at TVMs dotted on every station. They accept cash and credit cards. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the pass into it, then take it back on the other side and keep throughout the ride. Leaving the terminus you have to insert the ticket into the reader again (one-ride ticket will be discarded). Please note, if you missed the terminus, the faregate could block your way. In order to get through, you will have to pay the difference between the tickets at a special terminal. Using a card just swipe it over the scanner on the faregate to get the funds debited from your account.