The subway system in Buenos Aires consists of 6 lines, which have their own colors and names. Line A (light-blue), Line B (red), Line C (blue), Line D (green), Line E (violet) and Line H (yellow). The Premetro, which is a rapid transit tram, is part of the subway system. There are 102 subway stations out there. Overall length totals to 61,3 km. Working hours: 5 AM – 11 PM.


A ticket costs 16,50 ARS and can be used for the Premetro too. People can use pre-paid card to cut travel expenses. There is card for 44 rides (350 ARS). Additionally, there is a special Subecard to pay for subway and bus transportation services. The first 20 rides cost 16,50 ARS per one travel and the price decreases with the number of rides. For example, one ride will cost 13,20 ARS when you reach 21-30 rides and 11,50 ARS between 31 and 40 rides. Additionally, you will be charged 4,50 ARS after you have made 40 trips. It will cost 6,00 ARS to use the Premetro with Subecard.


Tickets and cards can be purchased at ticket desks and special TVMs, which accept cash. Passing through the faregate you have to insert the ticket into the reader or swipe the card over it. Please note, that there is no need to somehow show the ticket or the card when you leave the terminal.