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The subway in Boston consists of 133 stations found on five intertwined lines. There are three traditional subway lines, a high-speed tram, and a metrobus in the city. Each line has its own name and color code: Green Line (green), Orange Line (orange), Blue Line (blue), Red Line (red) and Silver Line (silver). The Green Line and the Silver Line feature 8 routes (4 on each line): GL B, GL C, GL D and GL E as well as SL 1, SL 2, SL 4 and SL 5. The Red Line is split into two routes in the north of Boston. The overall length of the subway system makes 126 km (app. 80 miles). The subway works from 5 AM until 1 AM on business days and on Saturday. It operates from 6 AM till 1 AM on Sunday and on holidays. The trains depart every 3–15 minutes.


The fare for a subway ride in Boston makes 2.75 USD. A multi-use paper card (CharlieTicket) is valid for 2 hours after activation and can be used in local buses and the subway. A transfer to the express bus costs between 1.75 and 3.00 USD. The smart CharlieCard can be used to pay for the rides as well, allowing you to enjoy one ride for 2.25 USD. The card is issued free of charge. Travel passes are sold at the subway station. The daily pass costs 12 USD. You will be charged 21.25 USD for the weekly one. The monthly pass costs 84.50 USD.


CharlieTickets and smart CharlieCards can be purchased and recharged at ticket desks and TVMs that are found at the stations. They accept cash and credit cards. The CharlieCard can be recharged on-line. If you can't find a TVM at the station or you do not have time to buy a ticket, you can pay the fare in cash. However, you will have to pay a 3 USD commission if there were a TVM at the departure point. You can enter the station through the faregate. Keep the ticket throughout the ride as you may have it verified by ticket inspectors.