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Berlin Metro accounts for 174 stations, situated on nine lines. The lines have their own color and letter designations: U1 (green), U2 (red), U3 (turquoise), U4 (yellow), U5 (brown), U6 (purple), U7 (baby blue), U8 (blue), and U9 (orange). Total lines length amounts to 151, 7 km. Hours of service: 4from 4 a.m. till 1 a.m. on week days. Moreover, the metro runs all night at the weekend. The lines are closely intertwined with other kinds of public transport, which makes it possible to make a transfer at many stations.


Metro is divided into zones, influencing the cost of travel. A single ticket in AB zone (centre and surrounding areas) costs 3,00 EUR, in BC zone (vicinage and suburbs) – 3,50 EUR, the entire ABC zone – 3,80 EUR. A ticket is valid for two hours in all kinds of public transport. Moreover, there are tickets for three stops costing 2,00 EUR, for one day – 8,80 EUR, for 7 days – 36,00 EUR. One-day group ticket for five people costing 25,50 EUR is also available.


Tickets are available in terminals, located at metro stations, and on board of trams and buses. You can pay either with card or with cash. Acquired ticket should be validated in a machine, situated next to a ticket terminal. A ticket is validated with a stamp, indicating date, time and station of validation. There are no subway turnstiles in Berlin, and ticket inspection is carried out by controllers.