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The Bucharest Metro consists of four lines coded with colours and numbers: M1 (yellow), M2 (blue), M3 (red), M4 (green).The yellow line is nominally orbital: trains of M1 and M3 lines pass through Dristor 1 station, and Dristor 2 station is the terminal station of M1 line. The Bucharest Metro has 51 stations with total lines length of 69,3 km. Working hours: from 5 a.m. till 11 p.m.


Magnetic stripe cards are used as tickets. The cost of a double journey makes RON 5, 10 journeys – RON 20. A day pass costs RON 8, a month pass – RON 70.


Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices or special ticket machines. Platforms are entered through ticket barriers.