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The Budapest Metro consists of four lines: M1 (yellow), М2 (red), М3 (blue) and М4 (green), with 52 stations located both in the city centre and remote districts. Total lines length amounts to 37,6 km. Working hours: from 4.30 a.m. till midnight.


A ticket costs HUF 350. It is valid for 60 minutes (at the yellow line – for 30 minutes) after activation and allows interchanging as many times as necessary. A set of 10 tickets costs HUF 3,000. There is a ticket for short distances (3 stations) for HUF 300. Moreover, there exist an unlimited Budapest travelcard for 24 hours – HUF 1,650, 72 hours – HUF 4,150 and 168 hours – HUF 4,950. Budapest Card is an excellent choice for tourists, granting discounts for those visiting all major landmarks in Budapest. The card for 24 hours costs HUF 4,900, for 48 hours – HUF 7,900 and for 72 hours – HUF 9,900.


Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices and ticket machines at metro stations as well as bus stations and interchanges. At the metro stations there are no ticket barriers, only validators to activate tickets.