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There are 16 lines in the Paris Subway, each bearing its own number and color: 1 (yellow), 2 (blue), 3 (olive), 3bis (cyan), 4 (lilac), 5 (orange), 6 (light-green), 7 (pink), 7bis (turquoise), 8 (magenta), 9 (gold), 10 (light-brown), 11 (brown), 12 (green), 13 (azure) and 14 (violet). It has 303 stations. Overall length totals to 220 km. Working hours: Banking days: 5.30 – 12.30 AM. Weekends and holidays: 5.30 AM – 2 AM. Some subway stations have tram or rapid transit transfer points.


The fare depends on the subway zone. There are five zones in Paris. One-ride ticket will cost you 1,90 EUR. You may use it for any means of public transportation but a bus-to-bus transfer requires a separate ticket. You may get the following: 10 tickets for 14,90 EUR, daily pass for 7.50 EUR or weekend/holiday travel pass for 4 EUR. Moreover, there are Navigo travel passes out there. To get one you need two photos and 5 EUR (price of the card). The price depends on the term and subway zone. Weekly card in zones 1-2 will cost 22,80 EUR, monthly one – 75,20 EUR. The Navigo cards run from Monday to Monday or throughout the month, i.e. the card is not valid for the number of days purchased. There is a solution for tourists called Paris Visite. This card grants unlimited rides and discounts for those visiting major city landmarks. The price below is given for zones 1-3 and 1-5 respectively: 1-day – 12,00 and 25,25 EUR; 2-day – 19,50 and 38,35 EUR; 3-day – 26,65 and 53,75 EUR; 5-day – 38,35 and 65,80 EUR.


Tickets can be purchased at TVMs, tram stops, rapid transit points, ticket stands at huge terminals and tobacco shops (TABAC). Most TVMs accept credit cards and coins, and rarely cash. Passing through the turnstile you have to insert the pass into it, then take it back on the other side and keep it. Keep it throughout the ride as you may have your ticket verified by a ticket inspector. Using a card just swipe it over the scanner for 1-2 seconds.